Saeid Yazdani

You may guessed already, I am an electrical engineer. Electronics were my passion since I could understand whats going on around me, well that means since I was a child. I was wondering how my brother`s Amiga 500 can do those crazy stuff! or later how my own MegaDrive runs those games on a cartridge! My specialazation is in radio tellecommunication but I activly interested in all fields of electronics as long as I have time to learn. I am also a freelancer web developer and sometimes I get a project here and there. I also love classical music and play violin and guitar in my free time and sometimes work with the orchestra of my university.

I am also owner and administrator of ElectronicsPub. I always wanted to have my own website to share my exprience with others and also learn from them. therefor one day I just decided to bring up this site! I hope this website will be filled with a lot of usfull articles for every electronics enthusiast or hobbiest. I am not alone working on the content of website because I asked my coleagues to help with growing of electronicspub aswell.

If you want to contact me or if you would like to share your knowledge as an article author, please feel free to contact me through this contact form.

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